Are You A Precious Vessel?

As a wife, I have made it my business to seek out what the bible says about being a wife. Words like submissive, obey and meek made me cringe. I grew up with a docile mother, but ten dominant aunts and meek is the last word I would used to describe any of them.

Plain and simple, adjusting to being a Christian wife was difficult for me. But I am a living testimony of old selves passing away and all things becoming new...the loveliness of truly being born again into a wonderful new creature. Through God's word and guidance I was able to become a better Christian wife. Just ask my hubby!

But there was always that one pesky little scripture that bothered me. Gosh darn it, for the life of me I really didn't like the phrase, "weaker vessel" as stated in 1 Peter 3:7. Submission I understood. Obey, I understood. Even meek I understood. I get why the Lord told us women to just shut up sometimes.

On a quest for better understanding, I checked a few versions just to make sure that I was reading it correctly. It got worse before it got better. "Weaker partner, since she is a womna, weaker physically, etc... I tossed it up to sucking it up and decided to wait for that "mystery" to be left alone until the good Lord himself, could explain it to me.

Spoiler alert...I'm not dead, but the good Lord did indeed clarify this for me.

Are you ready?! Here it goes...

Beautiful Christian woman, you are not less than your husband. You are, however, fragile (JUB) and delicate (ISV). You are a precious vase that God wants your husband to treat with the utmost care. You are priceless and no mere object. Delicate and fragile aren't meant to offend but to praise you as a work of art that is to be treasured and not mistreated or taken for granted.

It occured to me after learning this from a minister I admire that God tells us this more than once. He tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that we are His clay and He is the potter. Do you honestly believe that God could create anything that was worthless or second best?

The next time you hear someone refer to a wife as a "weaker vessel," smile with pride because you know that you are God's perfect work - delicate and fragile- a precious vessel that was made to be treasured.

Do you see yourself as a treasure?

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  1. Terrific blog! In today's society, full of men-hating, pro-abortion, getting-offended-by-everything feminists, it's terrific to hear women who place their value on who their CREATOR created them to be.
    By its literal definition, I'm a feminist (I advocate women's rights). But if it's unbiblical, I'm not having it. I want to be a virtuous woman, dear friend, obedient daughter, and honorable wife.
    God Bless!

    1. I agree Bianca. I too strive to be all of those things. Be Blessed.

  2. Thank you so much for this