God? Are You Listening?

I am a Galaxy girl, no offense to iPhone users. And since switching to a smartphone several years ago, I just could never see myself going back to a "non-smart phone." I have become dependent upon it more than I care to admit. My calendar, contacts and bible app are all on my phone.

Texting is part of my daily life. Whether its sending a heart emoji to David or a photo of my children to family members, I have come to rely upon it. When I send a text I expect that it has reached its intended recipient. I trust my cell phone to do its job so well that if I do send a text and don't receive a reply right away, I am not fretting over whether the message was actually sent. If the text was perhaps one that needed a timely response, I instead wonder why the recipient isn't replying to message that I sent. It never crosses my mind that the text didn't get to its recipient. I have complete faith in my cell.

Have you prayed today? Perhaps your prayer today was the same as yesterday's and the day before and many more before that. Are you waiting for God to answer that prayer that will take away the hurt, pain and suffering? Have you begun to doubt that God is listening to you? Are you doubting that he wants you to follow this path in which you find yourself? You are probably doubting that your prayers are being heard or even matter anymore.

Oh you wonderful spouse that God has called to stand for a reconciled or better marriage. What if you could just put as much trust in your prayers and God as you do on your cell phone and text messages. Believe without a doubt that your prayers have been received and God is working on your reply.

It is indeed a sad world when we don't doubt the workings of technology, that are constantly overtaken with malfunctions and viruses but instead we are filled with doubt and are ready to give up on a God who is perfect and never fails.

While there are many things the bible tells us we must do regarding our prayers being heard and answered, the first thing is trusting in God. If you can't even believe that He has heard you prayer, how could you ever believe that He is going to answer it?

After trusting that God hears your prayer, you must evaluate WHAT you are asking Him. God is not going to answer a prayer that goes against His will. Ex: Asking God to make your spouse come back to you isn't going to happen. God has given us each free will and He won't FORCE any of us do anything. We all make and live with our own choices.

We are certain that God will hear our prayers when we ask for what pleases him. 1 John 5:14 CEV

So you are now trusting God to hear your prayers and your prayers align with His word? Now what?

Now it is a matter of why you are asking for this prayer. I think this is the most overlooked part of prayer and probably the number one reason why prayers don't get answered. WHY? WHY? WHY? God knows our hearts and why we ask for the things we do.  We simply can not fool Him.

I have encountered many wives (David encourages husbands on a one on one level) and more times than not I know right away why God isn't answering their prayers. Their prayers are selfish and benefitting no one but themselves. No room for God to receive His glory.

Example: There was a woman who was praying for the restoration of her marriage. She said she didn't mind if her husband was saved before they restored because she believed that once they were reunited that He would eventually become saved with her influence. Even if he hadn't, she believed that she would be covered by God's grace and be able to sustain the relationship. She simply needed her marriage restored immediately.

Not caring whether her husband was saved - SELFISH
Believed SHE could be the one to bring him to Christ - SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS
Even if she couldn't, SHE would be covered in grace - MORE SELFISHNESS
She needed to be restored on her time table - MORE SELFISHNESS

That woman was me. So please don't think me unable to understand. I know the pains of a marriage in ruins and wanting more than anything to stop the hurt.

Yet even when you do pray, your prayers are not answered, because you pray just for selfish reasons. James 4:3 CEV

Prayer is the most effective form of communication you have with God. Don't waste your time on selfishness, asking for things that He would never do anyway and doubt. There is hope. He hears and answers prayer every day. I leave you with this...

Stay joined to me and let my teachings become part of you. Then you can pray for whatever you want, and your prayer will be answered. John 15:7 CEV

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