Other than God, the first person I am willing to go through the fire for is my husband. Not because of him but because I want to be that wife to him. My love for him must be unconditional and unwavering. That is the wife God calls me to be. I CHOOSE to please God. There are times when David and I are at odds. In those moments, I CHOOSE to love God and that means being a good wife to David whether I feel he deserves it or not.

No matter how David chooses to treat me, I CHOOSE to be a pleasing servant of God and love David unconditionally. How David chooses to be a husband is between him and God. 

I know its hard to love on a spouse who is not deserving but God has called us to be bigger than our emotions.

So when times get rough and you find it hard to love your spouse, switch your focus. Choose to be a faithful servant of God and seek to please Him first. Be that good spouse not because of your wife or husband earned it but because that is what God has called you to do.

Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions. 1 John 3:18

Added Note: David and I are joining together to bring you a blogpost 2 Tuesdays a month. We are calling it together Tuesdays. We will be answering any questions you may have for us together or if you have any questions for him. So please be sure to send us your questions.


  1. Great post! I needed to hear this!!

  2. Thanks for such a wonderful post. Waiting on GOD to open the door of communication with my spouse to show the love for him by my actions.

  3. Erica...thanks for your book and your posts...Awesome testimonies!! GOD is faithful; I am striving to please GOD in loving my husband in the way he deserves despite his actions!