Open Your Eyes

Several months ago, while sitting in Sunday service, the Lord gave me a prophetic vision for someone. Everytime I am given a vision for someone else (its happened only a handful of times), I get really nervous. Sometimes its good news, other times its a warning.

This particular vision was for a woman who was having marital problems but God's message was a beautiful vision for her. It was about her future in particular but I also saw her husband by her side. However, it also came with a warning.

Sometimes people don't care to hear warnings, especially from someone who has no credibility as a "prophet." Let me just get this out of the way now. I am not claiming to be a prophet. The Lord simply uses me every now and then to deliver a message and visions is how he communicates with me what He wants to share.

This woman was excited about the blessing but had a bit of a hard time accepting the warning but was gracious enough with me and thanked me for being a faithful servant in delivering God's message.

Unforunately, she chose to not heed the warning and as a result her heart was hardened and she decided to stop fighting for her marriage. She instead filed for divorce. It broke my heart but I am only the messenger and once a heart has hardened, no words from me can change a person's mind. I have to just trust God to reach her some other way.

The whole point of me writing about her was to make you aware of how the enemy is crafty, cunning and out to steal your blessing with DISTRACTIONS. A particular distraction.

This beautiful woman of God got distracted. A woman who grew up in the church and had a thriving ministry gave in to this distraction. As I stated, the enemy is crafty. He knew what she lacked in her marriage and what she wanted most - a faithful husband that would fight for her and their marriage. Up until her distraction she was wanting to save her marriage.

Being as cunning as he is, the enemy enticed her with a "Christian" man that gives her lots of attention, as well as her young child, although she is still married. Just like that, the beautiful vision God had for her was thrown to the wayside and the enemy succeeded in stealing her blessing.

Have you been paying close attention? Has someone been distracting you? Is there a woman or man that has caught your eye and they seem like a better solution than the enduring pain of standing for your spouse? Don't be fooled. The enemy is on the prowl and you are his target. Open your eyes and be wise. This man or woman that has tempted you is not a gift from God whether they know you are married or not.

Be even more careful if they claim to be a Christian and know you are married, yet they still pursue you. That is a nicely wrapped trap.

Keep a cool head. Stay alert. The Devil is poised to pounce, and would like nothing better than to catch you napping. Keep your guard up. 1 Peter 5:8

P.S. Some readers may feel the need to criticize this woman. If so, you are missing the point of this post entirely. My point in telling you this story isn't to condemn her. Rather than judge her, pray for her. It is also a warning to all of us, to keep our eyes open so that we don't end up throwing away a blessing. So my prayer for her is that God's will be done in her life, whatever that may be.

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