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Over the years, I have had lots of women ask me questions about David's point of view. Since I can not speak for David, he has wonderfully agreed to share his side of the journey and answer your questions. As the Lord leads us, some Tuesdays will be dedicated to us posting together, our sides of each question as a husband and wife and a stander and prodigal. So please feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

Our question today comes from Mary. She asks:

David, what changed your mind about Erica? How did you start loving her again?

DAVID: It took a while before I started to have feelings for Erica again. At first I was content with living single, focused on my career and being able to do what I wanted to do. I didnt have to answer to anyone. I was so focused on my career and the fast track I was on. I felt that we just didn't have anything in common.

To answer your question, I did not start to have a change of heart toward Erica until almost a year after we seperated. I started to see a change for the better. Erica found Christ & a great church. I was happy to see a change in her and to see her with such different beliefs. Growing up Catholic I had never experienced different views of religion and her's confused me. I found her beliefs intriguing yet not necessarily right for me. I ended up visiting the church that Erica was attending out of curiosity. We started to talk about my experiences while there and our new found faith gave us a starting point for being on the same page.

I didn't own a bible and to my surprise Erica purchased me a study bible. We started reading together every night. Little did I know, that one encounter with God after visiting Erica's church is what gave us a breath of fresh air in our relationship.

ERICA: Thanks Mary for the question. I can not obviously answer this question but I can tell you my side of what David has said. During my stand, I also didn't own a bible and purchased a King James Version because it was pink...lol. A friend and mentor, Karen, blessed me with a study bible and it was my lifeline. I still own the bible but it now has no cover and is truly worn. It was truly put to use. Knowing that David didn't own a bible and his hinting at wanting one, I felt so led to bless him as I was blessed, not as a ploy to get him to read with ME, but simply because I wanted him to read the bible. I was so happy that I was able to help provide a way for the seed my church planted to grow. My main priority was his salvation.

In My Restoration Journey I wrote about the role our home church played in our restoration. I will forever be grateful for the loving people who had (and still have no idea) such an impact in our lives simply because they were and still are warm and loving Christian people.

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