He Can!

It is mind blowing to sit outside and watch nature. In the span of a few minutes, one can see clouds move, the sun shine, birds airborne, bugs in the dirt, bees on flowers, leaves on trees rustling in the wind. Hours later you can look up at the moon and stars, hear an owl hoot but not hear the chirping of birds. A firefly passes by illuminating the sky for a quick moment and a dog barks in the distance. All of this happens in the span of 24 hours and then repeats itself. Nothing changes it. We always have daytime, whether we can see the sun through the clouds or not. Night time always arrives at its appointed time. Birds are flying whether in the north or the south. Fish are swimming.

God created it all. Every living thing. Everyday, there is so much going on in the natural simultaenously that we don't see with the naked eye or simply don't give our attention to. Bees creating honey and hives, worms making holes in the soil, birds building nests, waves crashing against the shore, the sun setting and rising and the moon waiting its turn. There is such order and a delicate balance, its simply miraculous.

But us humans in our weaknesses and limited knowledge doubt God's ability to keep His promises. He made the heavens and the earth. He made us. Can He truly not restore your family, marriage, health, finances or friendships? Of course He can! We just need to take a look around and marvel at His works and all He can do. He is everywhere. Have faith in Him.

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