What Did You Say?!

This week has been a reminder and wide opener in my family. My baby girl is a year old and her first word was hello. Not Mama or Dada. She says those too along with stop, out and shush.

At her first year check-up when asked how many words does she say,  I began making a metal count. I was embarrassed to recollect that many of the words she knows have a negative connatation to them. I could have easily shifted the blame but I took stock of how she learned these words. My baby girl learned those words from me! Whenever I am putting her down for a nap and my older children try to come in and play with her, I tell them out, out out! At any given time of the day,  I am yelling for my son to STOP running up and down the stairs or arguing with his sister. I am constantly shushing my oldest who talks ten octaves above normal (I've had her hearing checked.'s normal. She's just loud.) It's not all bad however. My baby girl also calls her daddy, Babe, just like I do quite often.

Our words and how we speak them are powerful instruments. They mold and shape EVERY relationship. It is through sweet words that a man can woo a woman. It is through compliments that a woman can woo a man. It is through instruction that a parent disciplines and a teacher teaches. It is through arguing that a friendship can end. An "I love you" can make a person's heart soar and "It's over," can make it hurt.

God spoke creation into existence. The enemy used words to deceive Eve. It is my belief that we have the power to plant and nurture seeds in our hearts and in the hearts of others with our words as well as kill a seed. Are you speaking words of love and growth for your marriage and children or are you talking more about divorce and everything your spouse has done wrong? Are you speaking more about how you hurt or about how God is your refuge? Are you speaking more about what you want God to do or thanking and praising Him for what He has already done?

Words kill, words give life;   they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21

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