Prayer For The Mother of My Children

Mother's Day is upon us and for me the celebrations begin today. My son has invited me to a tea party for just he and I. He made it very clear that he despises tea parties for several reasons. First and foremost, with evident disgust he said that tea parties are for girls. He then made a gagging sound. Secondly, he pointed out that there is never enough food at a tea party. Lastly he rolled his eyes and said that only wimps like that kind of stuff and he'd rather not starve. Realization of his words set in and he quickly made it clear that I, his mother,  am not a wimp. Nevertheless he set up a tea party for the two of us although he would rather do anything else apparently.

My daughter went shopping with her Dad and purchased me a very cute dress to wear for Mother's Day. Lord willing, tomorrow we are giving each other manicures and pedicures before we start doing our hair. A day of pampering is just what we need. Although her gift to me was the dress, her qualty time is what I treasure more.

When David asked what I wanted, I told him "nothing" as I do every year. All I truly want are his prayers for me, not just as his wife but as the mother of his children. So if there are any men out with children reading this, whether she is your wife or not, pray for the mother of your children.

Heavenly Father, I pray for the mother of my children.
You have given her a job that is of such importance
in the life of my children.
Bless her with love, wisdom, discernment and patience.
Be an ever present help during her difficult times of mothering.
Surround her with others who will teach her, guide her and
comfort her when she is in need.
Keep her mind and soul fixed on your ways
so that she make wise decisions for our children.
Show her how to be equally a nurturer as well as a disciplinarian.
Teach her how to be a Godly example of a
Christian woman to my daughters.
Allow my sons to see in her, biblical qualities that they
will one day want their wives to possess.
Bless her endeavors, dreams and goals for a better future.
But today God, simply bless her as your daughter
and the mother of my children.

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